Friday, January 15, 2010 | Author: Jacob
Pre-game at Club Cruceros. The crew of China Girl was smart enough to use their status as non-meat-eaters to beg off the crawl.

Round 1: The Radio Shack Hot Dog
Location: Near Radio Shack
Pisces' Rank: 3
Highlights: Probably the best steamed bun of the whole bunch.
Cost: 13 pesos.

Round 1.5: Elote (What were we thinking?)
Location: Towards the Malecon from Radio Shack
Highlights: Buttery corn with crema and queso
Cost: 12 pesos

Round 2: The downtown dog
Location: 1 Block N of the Municipal Market
Pisces' Rank: 5
Highlights: First bacon wrapped dog of the night.
Cost: 12 pesos.

Enjoying round 2 (as a disclaimer, we shared dogs for rounds 2-5, we didn't eat 5 dogs each...).

The view while we ate round 2...very different standard of beauty here.

Round 3: The Tres Amigos
Location: Sidestreet
Pisces' Rank: 4
Highlights: Also bacon wrapped, this dog was miniature, and somehow these guys had made the hot dog cart experience even more shady.
Cost: 12 pesos.

Round 4: The Waterfront
Location: On the Malecon near La Fuente
Pisces' Rank: 2
Highlights: Most popular stand, a bit expensive, but I guess you pay for the waterfront location?
Cost: 15 pesos.

Round 5: The Wildcard
Location: North on the Malecon, across from the giant shell statue, next to an empty lot.
Pisces' Rank: 1
Highlights: The Hot Dog Especial. Bacon wrapped hot dog, sliced down the center, with ham and melted cheese, onion, tomato, carnitas, salsa picante, avocado, mustard, crema, ketchup. Far and away winner of the night.
Cost: 20 pesos.

Best dog in La Paz.

So far we all feel fine, although we recognize that we were seriously tempting fate to hit 6 separate street-food stands in one night. If you need more photos of hot dogs check out Renova's blog where we would bet there is more coming soon.

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On January 15, 2010 at 9:32 PM , Anonymous said...

Go Dog Go !!!

Leave some for the other cruisers.

Looks like your putting on some weight ;-)


On January 16, 2010 at 9:02 AM , Doug and Carla Scott said...

How fun - thanks for sharing your findings.

We are definitely going to have to try out the winner!

On January 16, 2010 at 11:23 AM , Ellen said...

I love everything about this! Congrats on sufficiently stretching your stomach to make it to all the stands. BTW, what was the stuff you stopped for at stand 1.5?

On January 22, 2010 at 4:58 PM , Julia said...

Hey Ellen!
Stand 1.5 is buttery corn and cheese. So disgustingly good :)